Written by John Smith

March 29, 2021


Moving to your dream house or finally getting an apartment you can decorate is one of the biggest milestones a person can have in a lifetime. Moments like these feel like a dream until you get to that one room where the previous owners decided to put up the most hideous wallpaper you could ever imagine. Unlike paint, dealing with wallpaper is more difficult since you can’t just paint over it. Before trying to take it down yourself, you might want to think twice and go over these reasons why having a professional Racine painting contractor deal with wallpaper removal may be better.

Steam Does Not Work

One misconception that is rampant among people who remove their wallpaper themselves is that it can be removed using a steamer. Many homeowners have injured themselves by trying to use this method. Steaming walls does not weaken the glue and helps in peeling the paper off the walls. Even professionals nowadays don’t use steamers for Racine wallpaper removal.

Every Glue and Wallpaper is Different

Depending on when the walls were covered, the type of glue and wallpaper also differs. Some homeowners try peeling off the paper from sections that have started to come off. In most cases they find themselves peeling just the top layer of the wallpaper. Removing thick wallpaper may lead you to do double the work and cost more of your time and resources. In other cases where thin wallpaper has been used, homeowners accidentally peel off the paper layer of the drywall. Instead of work getting done faster, this results in more work since the drywall has to be smoothed out, sanded, and primed before it can be painted over.

Is Hiring a Professional Worth It?

Racine wallpaper removal professionals can easily assess the type of glue and wallpaper so that it can efficiently be removed. Water is also not enough to dissolve the glue used to put up the wallpaper. Professional painting contractors also use a special solution designed to make the paper come off easily. Different sizes of knives are also used to peel off the paper from the wall in sections. Investing in a lot of tools for one project is not practical. Racine wallpaper removal is physically demanding and requires hours and hours to finish. The job also does not end with having the paper removed, every trace of the glue used to put it up must be removed before other work like priming and painting can be done on it.

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