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Racine Cabinet RefinishingAre your cabinets getting old? Do they need a facelift? Cabinet refinishing is a great way to give them a fresh new look. The service is much more affordable than replacing them and you get to choose your new finish.

Our pros at Richmond Painting & Decorating are specialists in cabinet refinishing. We can take old, outdated cabinets and make them look brand new. Just because your cabinets are aging, it doesn't mean you have to replace them!

You will have many cabinet finish options with the help of our skilled painting contractors. You can keep the same stain color or try something new. Want your pine cabinetry to look like hardwood? We can modernize them with a dark maple, walnut, cherry, or espresso finish. Why not try a new decorative finish like antiquing? Or let us paint them solid or apply a beautiful glaze.

We would love to come to your location to discuss some cabinet refinishing ideas. Contact us today for your free color consultation and estimate. Until then, some of your questions may be answered below about our cabinet refinishing service.

What Type Of Cabinets Can Be Refinished?

Our painting contractors have the skill to refinish all types of cabinets. Whether you have hardwood, old fifty's style metal cabinets, or a set of industrial style storage cabinets, our team knows how to refinish them.

Some cabinet types will need to be painted rather than stained. For example, laminate cabinets are very common but they will not absorb stains like solid wood or wood veneer. Metal cabinets, of course, will also need to be painted with a special primer and paint made for metal.

  • Veneer Cabinets
  • Laminate Cabinets
  • Formica Cabinets (laminate)
  • Solid Wood Cabinets
  • Metal Cabinets
  • MDF Cabinets
  • Antique Cabinetry

How Much Does It Cost To Refinish Cabinets?

Of course, the cost to refinish cabinets will depend on how many there are and what type of finish work is involved. You can generally figure that you will save at least half the cost of replacing them by refinishing the cabinets instead. To get an exact cost estimate, just schedule a consultation today.

Cabinet Refinishing Videos

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