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Interior & Exterior Pricing From Your Racine Painting Contractor

Interior House Painting Prices

How much does interior house painting cost?

There are many key factors for determining the price of an interior painting project:

  • Scondition of the areas being painted
  • access to the work areas
  • colors that are to be used
  • areas being painted (walls, ceilings, trim, closets, etc.)
  • and the quality of paint, just to get started.

In order to give you some idea for budgeting your interior painting project we have put together a list of some of the most commonly painted room types and the costs associated with them.

The following prices include the necessary labor needed to provide you with a high quality painting job. These are approximate prices since each project has it’s own unique circumstances, material and expectations.

  • Normal Bedrooms $300 - Rooms approximately 12×14 in dimension
  • Kitchens, Family & Living Rooms $400 - Rooms approximately 17×14 in dimension
  • 2 Story Foyers & Great Rooms $800 or more - Rooms approximately 24×16 in dimension

Exterior House Painting Prices

Figuring the price for exterior painting can be hard since there are so many conditions that effect the work required and costs involved. Because of that we can only give you an idea of the pricing for your exterior paint job.

Here are some basic figures for labor for your exterior house painting project:

  • Small, ranch homes will cost between $1800 and $2100
  • An average two story home will run between $2800 and $3800
  • The next level of home will be much more detailed and start at about $4500

Please keep in mind that these are base prices and scraping,priming,caulking and all the necessary work required to prepare the home still need to be preformed.

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