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Paint It Forward

Paint It Forward

Do you know someone in need of a new paint job for their residential home or nonprofit organization headquarters? Now is the perfect time to nominate them for the Paint It Forward project giveaway. What's at stake is a free professional paint job, carried out by the skilled team here at Richmond Painting & Decorating, valued at up to $3000.00. Nominations are open to residents and nonprofit organizations in Racine County Wisconsin start February 1st and will be selected May 1st by #Team Richmond.

Paint It Forward Requirements

  • Nominee Must Live in Racine County Wisconsin
  • Nominee Must Be Submitted After February 1st
  • Nominee Must Be Submitted Before May 1st
  • You Must Submitt 3 Images of the areas to Paint

How it Works

Join us as we take part in our Paint It Forward event! We ask you, members or our local community, to share with stories with your Racine Painting Contractor of deserving people you know and nonprofit organizations in need of painting services, as well a why it may be a hardship or burden right now to take on this added expense themselves. Let us know how and why you think they could benefit from complimentary paint services from our dedicated crew, worth up to $3000.00.

Once all the nominations are in, and our team has had a chance to review them all, the winner will be announced May 1st. Nominations begin February 1 so hurry and get your nominations in. Share with us a little bit of info about them, how you know them and why their story makes them the perfect candidate for our free quality paint services – and you just may be the reason someone gets that much deserved painting work completed this New Year!

About Richmond Painting & Decorating

Here at Richmond Painting & Decorating, we are honored to be able to serve the local members of this fine community, both residential and commercial clients. Part of our commitment to the local community is to try to do our part to give back when we can. What better way then to provide our quality services, what we know best, to someone deserving who would truly use it. Your part is simply to help us find that candidate.

We take great pride in the work that we do and in being able to provide our clients with the quality services they need and deserve. We are dedicated to ensuring that each and every one of our clients gets the best service and results, each and every time. So you can rest assured that whoever you nominate will be in the running for the finest in interior or exterior painting for their residential or nonprofit space.

If you are looking for an experienced Racine painting contractor then please call 262-770-1079 or complete our online request form.