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The Start

Matt C RichmondRichmond Painting & Decorating was established in January of 2008 by myself Matt Richmond. After working for two other local commercial contractors I decided it was time to go into business for myself. I always knew I was going to be a business owner I just never expected painting to be the trade. I was laid off from a ware house job and a friend’s uncle owned one of the largest non-union companies around. After working a few months I was laid off once the season ended. That’s when I started doing “side jobs” for people I knew and met along the way. Eventually I had enough work that working two jobs was to overwhelming and I knew what I had to do. I left my day job for my own business.

The phases

The first few years were really rough, especially winter. We had found a Subcontracting contract through two different Milwaukee based painting companies and that’s where we really learned and dialed in on the residential market. Eventually we left the companies we had worked for and added a Commercial division and that’s when Richmond Painting really grew. We painted everything form Taco Bell, Buffalo Wild Wings, Hobby Lobby and quite a bit of Dicks Sporting Goods stores across the country. The last edition in 2014 was Epoxy floors which we enjoy a lot.

PDCA and networking

The next big step was when I found the PDCA (painting & Decorating Contractors of America} which is the only Painters only trade association in America. My family use to always say you should go out and find a mentor? My response was “what painter is going to help another painter out?” Well it turns out there is an entire organization devoted to this and it has become one of my passions. I absolutely love helping other painting contractors. You’re not giving your secrets away, your helping and in the process making the playing field much more fair and even. My next favorite thing is networking, I love meeting new people and making contacts. I like to attend as many networking events as my schedule allows.

Giving Back

In addition to helping other painters I have come to enjoy giving back to the community. We have adopted a program called “paint it forward” and we will also be launching “paint it Pink” this summer. We will be continuously year after year run the programs which are designed to give away free paint jobs to local families or nonprofit organizations in need. Our first project is set to begin sometime in May once the weather is nice.

Family and my life…

I have spent a great deal of the last nine years building Richmond Painting up to what we stand for now. This is in hopes that one day my daughter Ariella will have something to call her own. She is only four years old now but she is the reason I wake up and work so hard day in and out. When it comes to my passions I enjoy watching a lot of baseball and deer hunting when I’m not working. I always am looking to start golfing again this year as I haven’t in a very long time. The next thing im very big into is health and fitness. I try to eat the best I can and work out at least five times per week. I recently joined Team Beach Body as a “coach” and I’m hoping to become a trained spin instructor by the end of the year. All in all im very motivated and my business and family are my top two priorities in life. Also staying healthy so I can enjoy life and help others along the way!!

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