Written by John Smith

April 19, 2021


While Richmond Painting & Decorating is in business to paint houses in the Racine and Milwaukee area, we know there are a lot of DIYers. Our Racine Painting Contractors are totally okay with that and would love to share some of our professional painting tips with you to make your life easier.

Interior Painting Tips

  • Clean the ceiling and walls – Dirt, dust, and smoke can ruin your paint job. Make sure you clean the walls with a little soap and water as needed. Make sure you get all the soap residue off the wall after cleaning.
  • Cutting in – Use a two to two and a half-inch angled sash brush and start from the left and move to the right. Just how you read a book. Make sure to paint at least three inches down from the ceiling to allow enough room for the roller. Also, make sure you are ready to roll as we don’t want the paint to dry before you pick up the roller. Especially when working with eggshells or semi-gloss paint.
  • Rolling the ceiling – Make sure you brush the ceiling edges, to begin with. Then go the shorter distance of the room, rolling in long solid stripes from one side all the way to the other.
  • Painting the walls – Once your ceiling paint has dried, start where you first started cutting in the ceiling. You will need to paint the top three inches or more and around any doors, baseboards, or windows also.
  • Taping – Always make sure to tape your baseboards. We suggest using two-inch blue tape. Always make sure to wipe the trim down before taping it. Also never push the tape down, always leave it out and on an angle this way it can catch any roller drips as you roll the walls.
All of us at Richmond Painting in Racine Wisconsin always love hearing about your projects and seeing pictures. Feel free to post them on our Facebook wall or email us at if you have any questions along the way. We would be glad to help!!

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