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Written by John Smith

May 24, 2021


Deck stains and sealants protect your deck to make it last longer. A good deck can last up to 50 years with the right wood materials and proper maintenance. This means you won’t be replacing your deck any time soon if you keep a good seal on it. Power washing and stains beautify the deck, taking a weathered look and transforming it into a new-looking deck.

Sealing and re-staining will need to be done at some point. How often you need sealing and deck staining depends on the climate, weather conditions, location of the deck, how much it is used, wood type, and the amount of cleaning, repairs, and maintenance it’s seen.

Protective deck sealants and stains offer you these benefits and more:

  • Restores Weathered Decks
  • Protects Structural Integrity of Wood
  • Makes Decks Last Longer
  • Comes In Extreme Climate Formulas
  • Waterproofs Decks
  • Options in UV Ray Protection & VOC Compliance Formulas
  • Inhibits Growth of Fungi, Algae, Mildew
  • Stabilizes Wood Color
  • Showcases Wood Grains

Clear, Semi-Transparent, or Solid Deck Stains

With a semi-transparent deck stain, the color of the wood can show through in varying degrees depending on what pigment saturation level you choose.

Whether you choose a more solid color or clear, deck stains vary in saturation of color. Semi-transparent deck stains are perfect for wooden decks as they allow the grain of the wood to show through. For exotic hardwoods like teak, Brazilian walnut, or South American mahogany, the last thing you want to do is not show-case a wooden deck.

Solid deck stains offer you the option to darken the wood to a beautiful color that can go with your home’s decorative exterior color scheme better. You have a larger variety of colors to choose from.

Semi-solid deck stains show part of the wood grain through but provide a more solid color than semi-transparent stains. You can use this type of stain to transform a less desirable wood type into a deck that looks like it’s made of expensive wood.

Clear stains are great for showcasing beautiful exotic wood decks. Bamboo, for instance, comes in a variety of colors from light to dark. Clear stain works perfectly to ensure the natural beauty of these woods shows through.

Premium Deck Stains & Sealants

Using premium quality deck stains and sealants offers you more options and protection that lasts longer. The better quality of the product you choose, the more protection they offer.

Staining and sealing a deck takes a lot of prep work and effort. While you can do it yourself, you may find it’s better to hire a professional who will ensure it’s done right.

Richmond Painting & Decorating, your Racine Painting Contractor offers deck staining, cleaning, and sealing for the Racine, WI area. If you have any questions or need service, please feel free to contact us.

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