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Richmond Painting & Decorating Estimating Process

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Let just say you’re looking to do an exterior painting project and you have decide you would like a free estimate from us. We will have either Matt Richmond the owner or our estimator Bill Holland come out to meet you at a specified time of your choice. We typically start our residential estimating as early as 7Am depending on your location and as late as 7Pm. We also do offer weekend hours if required. We will typically give you an hour or so block of time as to when we will arrive as we do a lot of estimates and travel quit far. We will at any given time do estimates and jobs from Lake County, Racine, Kenosha, Walworth, Milwaukee, Waukesha and Ozaukee counties. If you are not available and we have a good description on the exterior job we will do “walk bye” while you are at work if we are not able to meet. We will then send your estimate via email for your convenience.

When the estimator arrives he will hand you his business card and introduce himself. He will give you the opportunity to voice any and all of your concerns. Then he will explain our painting process and how things typically will go.

Before we paint

  • We ask that the water be turned on prior to painting.
  • Also please make sure all the windows are closed.
  • All cars should be moved away from the house
  • All bushes and trees should be cut back so we can access the house by ladder
  • We will also need the colors to be chosen one week in advance. This helps us order paint ahead of time and stay efficient.

The Process

  • We will have already pressure prior to the first day if there is siding to be painted. Trim only jobs will be “hand washed” as we go.
  • We will scrape all the failing paint, while priming any bare wood with the appropriate primer.
  • Any carpentry work will be addressed and anything found will be brought to your attention prior to any work being performed.
  • Someone will starting caulking any areas in need to be sealed.
  • Another painter will remove all the down spouts in order to paint behind them. As long as they aren’t riveted onto the house.
  • Another painter will remove the shutters and prepare for them to be painted.
  • We will always wipe down any dirt during the painting as it is found.
  • If we find areas we believe that can be “patched” rather than be repaired with carpentry we will discuss the options with you also.
  • We will make sure our ladders are secured in our trailer or in a specified place at the end of each day.
  • We will also be sure to clean up after ourselves and clean up any loose paint chip or garbage.
  • We will move any patio furniture out of the way as needed and do our best to replace it back where it came from at the end of the job.
  • We will always try to leave you whatever touch up paint may be left and make sure its labeled properly.
  • If we are dealing with lead paint we will prepare the job and dispose of thing properly and in accordance with the EPA.

What’s included?

Richmond Painting will give you an onsite estimate with a price on the day of the estimate. Sometimes we may have to email you the quote in some cases. We will give you a detailed quote and explain all the areas we will be painting and also a list of what will not be painted. We will always specify the Paint supplier we will be using. Which will typically be Sherwin Williams and or Hallman Lindsay. If you have a preference or would like something particular please let the estimator know. If you decide you would like multiple quotes or different areas estimated also let the estimator know at this time.


On the estimate our insurance company will be listed and we can request a certificate be sent to you via email if you choose to.

The Richmond Promise Aka our warranty

We will always give you an in hand written copy of warranty which is valid for three years form the date of completion. We also have an annual home inspection program where we come out in spring to check the paint job we did for any possible failures. In the event your home does have an issue we will fix it for free and make sure everything is up to your satisfaction and to the level of quality we give our clients.

Our Big Question for you…

We always try to ask every client one very big and important questions. The big million dollar question is…… What is your idea of a GREAT paint job? Not every paint job is created equal and not everyone’s expectations are the same. In your eyes you may really want the best pressure wash possible. You may want the straightest lines possible for the surface we are painting. You may have a toddler who naps at a certain time and may not want anyone ringing the doorbell. You may have a dog and need the gates locked at all times. We don’t know your expectation’s even though we have a lot of daily and very routine things we practice, we want to be able to give you the best possible experience. That way we can make you one of our “Raving fans” and part of our Team Richmond family!!


Once our estimator has explained our painting process he will leave you with a lot information and some things for you to look over at you convenience.

  • 1. A copy of our 3,000,000 liability and workers comp insurance
  • 2. A list of references on different services we provide
  • 3. Customer survey we ask all customers to fill out at the end of the job so we insure complete satisfaction
  • 4. Our warranty, it’s not just a hand shake.
  • 5. Our company lead certificate
  • 6. The owner’s personal lead certificate.
  • 7. Post card with our current special
  • 8. Financing options explained
  • 9. A letter to our valued customer
  • 10. Business card with the estimators contact information.


After your quote is complete and you have gotten a total of three painting estimates we will call you see if you have any questions. We may also email you as that is our favorite and best method of contact. We have a variety of people who may contact you form our office manager, project manager, estimator or job site foreman and possibly the owner personally.

Team Richmond would like to Thank you at this time as our clients are our most important asset and without you we wouldn’t be able to do what we do!! Were in the business to create “raving fans” not just customers!!

If you’re looking for a quote on your exterior painting project feel free to contact us at262-770-1079 or complete our online request form.