Written by John Smith

May 10, 2021


Richmond Painting & Decorating was called in to access a garage floor project in Pleasant Prairie. The owner had some wonderful ideas. He was really into classical cars and owned 7 awesome-looking cars. He had already had the garage fully drywalled and painted. He also had baseboards installed and a full bar added. This was definitely not your average garage as it is 1500 square feet and has two full-size garage doors, one in the front and a second in the back.

What we include in our Epoxy Floors

  • Labor, material, and equipment
  • Daily clean up
  • Includes floor and edges
  • Remove any stains with a degreaser
  • Diamond grind all floor surface area
  • Sweep & Shop-vac all dirt and dust-up
  • Apply one coat of Deco clear 745at 20 mills 140 square feet per gallon (base)
  • One Broadcast of decorative flake to owners choice of color with full coverage (flakes)
  • Apply one coat of Deco top 707 at 20 mills 140 square feet per gallon (epoxy)
  • Apply one coat Armor clear 1061 at a maximum mill coverage of 5.3 (UV urethane)
  • Remove all excess material off-site

The owner chose a black, gray, and white mini flake system to match his light gray walls. The first thing we typically do is clean any oil and grease stains off the floor with a degreaser. This particular floor was relatively clean and new and didn’t require any degreasing. The next step in the epoxy floor process is to diamond grind the floor to make an “profile” so our base coat adheres properly. After the floor is ready, we tape the walls or baseboards so they are protected. Then we brush the edges of the floor with the epoxy before we apply the actual epoxy. After that is done we will use a squeegee and roller to apply the rest of the first coat.

This coat may be colored or clear depending on the coat and color to follow.

While this coat is still wet we will disperse see the colored flake. Once the epoxy dries we will sweep and clean up all excess flakes. The next step will be to apply a coat of clear epoxy which serves as a protective barrier. The final coat is a polyurea topcoat. This is the most important step as this is the protective coat that keeps the epoxy from turning green. This is a very important product and must be used to have the best system. When this system is applied to your garage floor as an epoxy system this is the Cadillac of systems. You can use a three-coat system and it will work but it will not have the durability of what I have explained above. If you have any questions on your Epoxy floor project feel free to contact us at 262-770-1079.

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