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Matt Richmond

Matt C RichmondOwner & Chief Estimator
Matt started in the painting Industry back in late 2004. Before that he was involved in sales and marketing. He trains all the painters personally and works along with the crew to make sure things run smoothly. Matt is also the chief estimator, working close with all residential and commercial clients to see that the customer has the best experience while working with Richmond Painting & Decorating.
Email: matt@richmondpaintingofwi.com

Kelly Ley

Residential Marketing manager
Kelly brings positive morale and excitement to the Richmond Painting Company. She is in charge of the residential marketing program and spends considerable time with our home show in various towns. She has great ideas and is always the first to jump on board with a new idea.

Charles Richmond

Quality control
Charles recently retired from the Racine County Sheriff’s Department after 33 years. He helps out as needed with deliveries; job set up and clean up. His main priority is double checking with the customers and job sites to make sure nothing has been missed or forgotten. He is also in charge of the safety programs implemented by Richmond painting and takes the subject very seriously.

Bill Holland

Bill HollandProject Manager
Bill takes care of overseeing all residential and commercial projects. He is the heart and sole of team richmond. He goes out of his way seven days a week as a major problem solver for clients and our employees.

About Team Richmond

Racine painting contractorA lot of people are probably wondering what “Team Richmond” is? You’re probably thinking painters, employees and some office help. Which you’re right that is the base and the heart of Richmond Painting & Decorating. Although after being in the painting Industry for almost nine years now I’ve realized there is more to this painting thing than just painting and painters.


The most important part is our client base whether it’s current or our past clients. Without our clients we don’t have business. After our customers I look back at the people and all the relationships I’ve built and maintained over the years. This is where I realized how deep things go.


First, I have an old Friend Dale who brought me into the industry. He taught me the majority of the basic skills I learned early on and for that I have to thank him. Even though he is no longer painting years later he has a major effect on Team Richmond and is a part of our success. I wouldn’t be in the place or industry if it wasn’t for him.


Richmond Painting TrailerNext we have a lot of people who help us operate on a daily basis. Our paint representative Raffi from Sherwin Williams Who is in charge of all the products and supplying the knowledge we need to apply the coating in proper application. Don at Chase goes above and beyond on a daily basis. He greets me every time I walk through the door, even if he’s busy. Nick from Rely Local in Racine plays a big role as he helps us gain new relationships through network marketing. The idea is there is a lot of people who play very important roles in our continued success.


Another big part of our success is the Painting & Decorating Contractors of America. Which is the only Painters only trade group in America which was established in 1884.

If you would have told me to look for a “mentor” ten years ago in the painting industry. I would have looked at you funny. Like, what painter wants to give the new guy tips and tricks? Although that is exactly what the Pdca does. There is always ongoing education and you’re always learning something new.

Three people really stand out to me and I’m sure many other members feel the same. Josh Abramson, Steve Burnett and Tom Reber, Between these guys they have changed the way we do business and the way I think, it’s hard to explain. After only being a member for a little over two years I’ve learned so much in such a little amount of time. I can definitely say that after what I have seen while being a member I definitely want to be involved in the organization. Id the opportunity to give back to the Industry and other painters looking to learn.


Truck Richmond PaintingLastly, but not to forget is Family. Which is always there no matter what the circumstance is. If it wasn’t for my 4 year old daughter Ariella, I can say there would be days I really wouldn’t want to get up. She’s my heart and motivation to keep doing what I do. Hopefully one day all of this and everything I’ve worked to establish can be hers. My fiancé Amanda keeps me grounded and on task on a daily basis. My mom is always there to listen and give advice no matter what the situation is. My dad has always been the silent type but it’s where I get my “You’re not done till you’re done” attitude. MY grandmother has always been there no matter what and that has been a real blessing in so many ways.

Do you get the idea?

At the end of the day Team Richmond involves a lot of people and they have no idea the real effects they have on us. The team consists of every one from your family to the gas station attendant who sells you that coffee that gets you through your day. Everyone contributes to the success of Team Richmond in some way and somehow. It could be in a big way or as small as a smile. In the end we have to thank everyone who makes Team Richmond a success day after day.


Racine painting contractorRichmond Painting & Decorating is an experience Racine painting contractor that take a clean, fast, organized approach to your commercial, industrial and residential painting needs, with a personal touch. Use contact form to get started. We can take care of all your exterior and interior painting needs, from small painting touch-ups to complete repainting projects. We have the finest repeat and referral rates in the painting industry, which speaks to our trusted and loyal customer following.

We can handle any industrial painting project in Wisconsin and Northwest Illinois no matter how big or how small. Planned maintenance painting will ensure that properties remain attractive, provide reliable budgets, and most importantly, retain value.

Racine CrewWe take pride in providing quality workmanship and outstanding customer service with all our painting services. Our integrity sets us apart from our competition. By accurately estimating budgets, and timelines for project completion Richmond Painting & Decorating has earned the respect and repeat business of our clients. We are committed to helping our clients no matter how big or how small the job, from house painting to large-scale commercial and industrial painting projects.

The Preferred Industrial Commercial Painter in Wisconsin & NW Illinois

Racine CrewOur commercial painters and project managers all receive the necessary training to ensure your job is done right the first time. We feel strongly that the project must be completed on time and on budget. Experience has shown us that delivering on expectations helps builds strong relationships with our clients and we go to great lengths to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. You desire attention to detail. Our Racine painting company's workmanship, knowledge of the commercial and industrial painting trade, superior products and ethical work practices inspire confidence and trust.

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