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Three great reasons why you should hire an established local painter


Here at Richmond Painting, we understand that there is a lot of competition out there. A plenitude of firms employing mostly inexperienced painters exists in almost every community. Why not just hire the cheapest firm? We are here to tell you why hiring an experienced painter is the way to go.

Reason #1: Established painters are part of the same community as you

You may have seen one or more of us around town. Perhaps we go to the same grocery stores, the same library, bakery, bank, gas station, etc. We have been around the community and people know us. We aren’t very far away when you need a painter for your next project.

Reason #2: We paint all year round

Painting isn’t just a part-time or seasonal thing for us. We paint 12 months a year. We are also trained to know what kind of paint works best for each individual project. We also know what kind of preparation is necessary. Painting is about more than just opening up a few paint cans and getting started.

Reason #3: Quality paint and a skilled painter make a great combination

Not all paint is the same. An established painter will recommend and use the best quality paint for your project. Like we mentioned in Reason #2, we also know the best way to do each individual project. An amateur painter may be cheaper, but they will likely leave you disappointed in the long run.

Let the rookies sit on the bench and call in the veterans instead. At Richmond Painting, we have professionals who will gladly take care of your painting needs. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment and for your free estimate.

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