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How much does it cost to paint my kitchen cabinets?


Racine Cabinet RefinishingAt Richmond Painting we have noticed a huge trend in the past couple of years.

The earth tones are no longer being used and shades of gray are now the new color trend. The only problem is that gray doesn’t look great with the old 90’s oak wood work, trim and cabinetry. Rather thanks replacing these things, people are looking to paint or refinish there oak kitchen cabinets.

Painting your kitchen cabinets is one of the fastest and easiest ways to update your home. The most important part is making sure the right preparation is taking prior to painting. We also suggest that professional grade products are used. We typically use Oil based products or pigmented Lacquer, depending on the situation.
Here is a list of some of the prep work we do on a typical project.

  • All areas being painted will be wiped down with a Simple green cleaner or a comparable degreaser.
  • All Hardware will be removed and cleaned.
  • All flooring, walls, counter tops, the ceiling and other areas that isn’t being painted will be protected by plastic, paper or drop clothes.
  • All areas being painted will be sanded with our dust free Festool hepa vacuum sanding system.
  • All surfaces will also be wiped with a “Tac Cloth” to remove any leftover dust.
  • We will also de gloss all areas being painted to be sure to remove any polyurethane left after sanding.
  • All items being painted will be primed with a shellac Bin Primer to prevent any stains or tanning bleed from coming through.
  • All areas being painted will receive two coats of the selected Finish. All garbage will be disposed of off.
  • All hardware will be re installed. New hardware will only be installed if stated above in the “Special Notes” section.
  • New felt/ rubber bumpers will be installed onto the back of the cabinet doors as needed.
  • Caulking is not recommended due to the movement and expansion of the wood. If caulking is desired, please ask prior to Any Painting.


Depending on the system you are looking for our pricing Starts at $80/ door and $50/ drawer and can range up to $120/ door and $90/ drawer. This price includes labor and material. If you have any unusual items such as wine racks those may be more. Also you will need to count any panels that can’t be removed or end caps.

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