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What paint sheen is the right one for your project?


What paint sheen is the right oneOne of the first thing most people think about when they decide to paint is color and décor. There are a lot of different ways to choose colors and with all the new technology it can be quite exciting also.

Before you decide to take your color swatch and drive off to the paint store in anticipation of a new look and feel for your space. You really need to consider paint sheen? What will work best for your space? Most big box stores won’t fully explain the advantages and disadvantages, so I will. With over ten years in the painting industry our Racine Painting Contractor has worked with all of them and we know what they do how to work well with them.


What exactly are flat, Satin, eggshell and semi-gloss?

  • Flat paint has little to no shine, or as we call it sheen. This paint is most widely used on interior dry wall ceilings. It is very quick to scuff and isn’t very washable once it is dirty.
  • Satin and eggshell these can be sometimes be used for similar areas. The offer more protection than a flat paint and do have a shine to them. Typically these paints are used for high traffic areas such as hallways and family rooms. The one thing the paint store will not tell you though is that they don’t touch up very well. What I mean by that is once the paint is dry there is no going back. Depending on the lighting and room you are in you may see that small little touch up you did. The best way to use these paint are to repaint the wall in full to completion.
  • Semi-gloss and gloss which we use normally in bath rooms and possibly kitchens has a very high sheen level. Basically where water or moisture may be a factor. When using these paints be very careful and always use two coats. Eggshell can also be used in bath rooms too.

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