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Do you need to use painters tape?


painters tapePeople always seem to have the misconception on if tape is needed and where is the best places to use it?

The Advantage Of Painting Tape

Using painters tape can create great looking paint lines and edges where needed. If you are doing any kind line striping you will want to use tape and we recommend green frog tape.

Tips For Taping

The two problems people are faced with is the paint seeping under the tape and also peeling the paint off the wall.

In order to prevent the paint form seeping under the tape you will need to press the tape down firmly with your finger. We typically suggest two inch blue tape for your house painting project. Yellow tape is used more on commercial properties.

Once you have completed you brush work and rolling of the walls you need to remove the tape as soon as possible. This will prevent the paint from totally curing and the tape ripping the paint off the wall.

More Tips on Interior Painting

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